Composer, pianist and conductor Ignacio Cecchini was born in Buenos Aires.
He began his musical studies at the age of ten as a self-taught in piano and composition.
At the early age of sixteen he composed a mass for choir and organ.
He made his debut as a conductor at the age of eighteen with the Holy Innocents Church choir in New York.
Thanks to his successful debut in the United States, his Mass was performed during an important celebration of the Archbishop of New York, Dolan Timothy.
A year later he traveled to Switzerland and worked as an organist at Saint Pie X Church, in Geneva. Afterward, he moved to France to study orchestra conducting at the Conservatory of Roanne under the direction of Master Laurent Ronzon and Piano with Master Marie-Catherine Chanel.
In this city, he worked with the choir “Ensemble Vocal de Roanne” as Piano accompanist and produced the oratorio “Elias” by F. Mendelssohn.
In this period he also attended an orchestra conducting masterclass with Maestro Miguel Etchegoncelay and a piano masterclass with maestro Pascal Amoyel.
In Bulgaria, he attended an orchestra conducting seminar given by the Danish masters Martin Akerwall and M ° Frans H Rasmussen.
Wrote two symphonic poems “Far but near” and “Wounded in paradise.” Traveled to Bucharest to record with the “Philharmonic Orchestra of Romania” in 2016.
In that same year, he continues his conducting studies but this time in the prestigious Conservatory of Parma under the guidance of Master Pietro Veneri.
He studied symphonic repertoire with Maestro Neil Thompson and Italian opera with Maestro Marco Guidarini. Piano under the guidance of Italian school teachers such as Master Roberta Ropa, Master Stefania Neonato, Master Enrico Baiano and Master Gianluca Luisi.
During his trips back to the Americas he performed in Buenos Aires W.A. Mozart Piano Concerto K.467 in C major in which he performed as conductor and pianist.
In these concerts took place the premiere of the Romanza Op.1 by Ricardo Rodríguez, eminent Argentine composer, in a version orchestrated for strings by Ignacio Cecchini, great-grandson of the composer.
In the 2017-2018 season Cecchini worked as assistant conductor of Maestro Alpesh Chauhan, principal conductor of the Toscanini Philharmonic of Parma.
The repertoire of Cecchini is very vast, in his facet of composer includes about fifty works, as a pianist and orchestra director he has studied about 200 works including opera and symphonic music, with a particular dedication to the works of Argentine and Latin American composers.
He is the founder and principal director of the “Nación Indoamericana Philharmonic”.